Virtual Design Images and e-Staging

Virtual Design Images and e-Staging

One of the most useful and impressive features of architectural software is its ability to generate incredibly realistic images of the home while it is still in the design phase. Everyone knows it is can be difficult to visualize the end result whether it is a new home, renovation or interior design. Sometimes it may feel like the best you can do is hope the designer has addressed all your needs and understands your aesthetic.

Floor plans for a new home or renovation can be particularly difficult to envision, but 3D images of the design is a very effective tool in helping clients visualize what their finished home will look and feel like even before it has left the drawing board stage. Images become an essential part of the dialogue with the client to ensure their needs and aesthetic tastes are captured by the design.

Here is an example of a typical floor plan.

2015001 Floor Plan

However, these images really tell the home’s story.

2015001 New Home Images

More recently, I have worked with real estate agents and developers to create e-staged images of their properties. Here is an example of a virtual staged kitchen dinette; the realtor simply provided photos of the unfurnished room along with some dimensions.

2015001 Dinette

This is the staged bedroom for the same townhouse. Note the cream, beige, and grey-brown colour scheme is continued into the principal bedroom to maintain flow.

2015001 Bedroom

Home buyers often reject potential homes because they are unable to see past the less than desirable finishes or layout. These before and after images allow the realtor to show this home from a fresh perspective.

2015001 Before-After Dining Room
2015001 Before - After Living Room

The next example is a virtual staging of a developer’s spec home. Working with the existing paint colours and finishes, the e-staged image presents the open concept first floor with a clean, contemporary look. The interior design also offers potential buyers suggestions for working with a dark brown sofa (a common purchase during the brown trend) by mixing lighter and medium-toned furnishings and accessories.

Bramble Rear View

And for those than can’t decide on a color scheme, seeing some options is always helpful.

2015001 Different Color Schemes

By the way, here is the before photo of the room above.

2015001 Before Living Room

Do you want to see what your home could look like?

Virtual Design Images and e-Staging
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