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Virtual Design Images and e-Staging

Virtual Design Images and e-Staging One of the most useful and impressive features of architectural software is its ability to generate incredibly realistic images of the home while it is still in the design phase. Everyone knows it is can be difficult to visualize the end result whether it is a new home, renovation or […]

Do You Have a Case of Decision Paralysis?

Do You Have a Case of Decision Paralysis? Decision paralysis is when you want to do something but can’t move forward because you have too little or, sometimes, too much information. This is a common condition when a homeowner wishes to renovate but can’t visualize the possibilities. You could use this Executive Spinning Decision Maker […]

All Things Home

All Things Home There are so many aspects to a home, from its design, construction, finishing, lighting, landscaping, furnishings, even maintenance. For many years I have been compiling tips and techniques on all of the above, so the purpose of this blog will be to share what I have learned. Please check back soon.

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