It is a place to eat, sleep, raise a family, enjoy hobbies, entertain family and friends, and for some of us, it is also our workplace. Homes should be unique and personal, reflecting the owners’ LIFE (how they live) and STYLE (their aesthetic preferences). Homes must also be comfortable and well designed to allow all of our daily activities to be carried out smoothly and efficiently – our homes should work with us not against us. And finally, a home is a work of art – its design, its materials, its craftsmanship – just being in its space should bring us joy, pleasure, calmness; a respite from the world around us.


Many talented individuals are required to build a beautiful home, from foundation to mechanicals to the finishing details. The design stage is simply the first phase; selecting talented contractors are just as critical. In the end, the real test of a beautiful home is whether it can stand the test of time, remaining timeless, comfortable and enjoyable for many years to come. Good design, no matter the style or environment, all have common traits – proper scale and proportion, flow, functionality, timelessness, thoughtful details, and craftsmanship.

Smythe Street Residence
In-Law Suite
Scandi-Style Renovation
Modern Farmhouses
Contemporary Homes
Oceanfront Summer Home
Timber Frame Style Home
Lake House
Barn to Guest House
Principal Suite Addition
Cabin Becomes a Family Home
Pool House
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