Homeowner needs will vary from project to project, but here are some examples of how a designer can help.

3D Images and Conceptual Design:  Sometimes homeowners simply need help understanding what their options are, especially when renovating. This service includes layout options, along with virtual images of the renovated space or new build. See examples in this blog post.

Full-Service Design:  Work with the homeowner through all aspects of the home design: building site analysis, documenting needs and requirements, floor plans, electrical plans, and selecting materials and finishing details.

Space Planning:  Assist homeowners who are downsizing or transitioning to a new home. Room layouts can determine whether existing furniture will fit in the new space, which items are no longer necessary or whether new pieces will be required.

Floor Plans / Construction Documents Only:   Some homeowners may choose to sketch their own design and may simply need floor plans and construction documents prepared. Or perhaps they need modifications to an existing plan.

Electrical Plans:   Good lighting is an important element of a well-designed home, improving efficiency and safety, but equally important, creating ambiance and interest.

Material Selection/Finishing Details:   Assist with the selection of finishing details to ensure coordinated finishes, such as wall colour, cabinets, plumbing and electrical fixtures, trim, and flooring,

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