Custom homes are very personal spaces, reflecting the owner’s lifestyle and preferences.

Homes should also have personal value. The timbers in this home were rescued during the demolition of a historic barn and much of the pine cabinetry was constructed from a 677 year old pine tree that fell on family property, giving the home a sense of history and personal value. The “ship’s knees” supporting the horizontal beam between the kitchen and living room were also salvaged. During the 1800’s, ship builders used the lower trunk section of the tamarack tree where the trunk naturally curves into the horizontal root as braces and supports.

The warm wood elements are balanced by lots of natural light, white walls and light colored furnishings. A balance of similarity and contrast is created by consistent use of these finishes throughout the home with interest generated by pops of color and occasional shiny surfaces to contrast the duller wood.

Good design, no matter the style or environment, all have common traits – proper scale and proportion, flow, functionality, timelessness, thoughtful details, and craftsmanship.

Builder: County Line Contractors, Holtville, NB

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